Can we count that?

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I recently had a lesson with a student who kept saying advices and that gave me the idea to write about some words which are uncountable in English.

Read on for more info

Let me introduce you to some of those words:

advice, equipment, information, knowledge, money, news, research, stuff, time, work

  • With these words, we don’t use a/an when talking about 1 thing.

Where did you find this stuff?

She bought new equipment for diving underwater.

We’ll send you the money when we get back to the office.

Knowledge is hard to get.

  • And, when we want to talk about more than 1 thing, we can use words like some, a bit of, a lot of and much.

I need some advice about traveling around Spain.

With a bit of money, he agreed to make the changes we needed.

I can’t come with you. I have a lot of work to do this Friday.

I don’t have much time so listen to me!

Let’s practice these words by completing a short story.

Now, see if you can find which sentences are wrong below.

The words time and work can also be countable, but they have a different meaning:

He tried to apply to university 4 times. (= 4 tries to become a student)

You can find the works of Michelangelo at our museum. (= creations: paintings, sculptures, music)

How many times have you given people some advice and did they often listen to you? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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