Contrasting with linkers

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Today let’s look at some linkers that we use to show contrast in our speech and writing.

In spite of / Despite

We usually use these two with nouns or verbs with gerunds.

In spite of the rain, we decided to go to the park.

Despite leaving home early, they were still late for school.

You can use both in spite of and despite in your sentences but you can’t write despite of.

If you want to follow in spite of or despite with a that-clause, you need to add the fact that before your sentence.

Despite the fact that their jokes were funny, they didn’t get any prize for their jokes.

Although / Even Though

We use although and even though to connect two sentences together. They both need a main sentence to work though.

A car being stuck

Although we ran out of gas, we still got to the city thanks to the locals.

If you got rid of the main sentence, it wouldn’t make any sense:

Although we ran out of gas.

In spite of the rain.

Despite leaving home early.

That doesn’t tell us anything at all.

Even though is stronger than although and makes us sound more confident.

I'm gonna beat you up!

He won the boxing match even though he wasn’t fit.

How about we practice these in context? 🙂

Even though 2018 has been a challenging year for me, I remain optimistic and wish all of you to be better, smarter, stronger, more successful and I’d like to ask you:

Even though we can’t go back in time, if you could change one thing that happened last year, what would you change and why?

Let us know in the comments section and have a great weekend!

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