Negatively speaking

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Sometimes, we want to say something in a negative sense.
While one way to do that is just to add not to the words, like not practical or not legal, a better way to do that is to add a prefix to the words we use.

Today, let’s focus on 4 common prefixes:

We use il- when the word we want to say starts with the letter L (illegal, illegitimate)

We use im- when the words start with the letters M or P (impatient, imperfect, immature, immortal)

We use ir- when the words start with the letter(irresponsible, irrelevant)

We use in- mostly with words taken from Latin and we can’t use it with words starting on the letters I and U (inadequate, inconsistent, inaccuracy)

Let’s put these prefixes to practice:

One thing I’d like to ask you: are these short exercises relevant or irrelevant to you? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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