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How many times have you heard and seen sentences like:

I went to my friend’s house last Friday


We can use my parents’ car

You may be thinking, why do we use friend’s and parents’ ? Is this a short form of is or is it something else?

Let’s find that out today.

When we want to show that something belongs to someone or something, we add ‘s or ‘ to a noun.

These are some other cases where and when we use ‘s:

1) When you’re talking about something that belongs to one person.

A photo

This is my father’s favorite photo.

2) With irregular plural nouns

Why should I worry about other people’s problems?


I’m sorry, I need to go to the men’s room.

3) When we talk about time or duration:

You can click on the words below to find the song they were taken from 🙂

Live today
There’s no time to lose
Cause when tomorrow comes
It’s all just yesterday’s news

Now, let’s look at when we use after the noun:

1) When you’re talking about something that belongs to more than one person.

We can use my parents’ car (My mom and dad’s car)

2) When your nouns end with s, it’s better to add after the noun instead of ‘s:

James’ hobby became his business. (Not James’s)

Dolores’ friends wanted to surprise her. (Not Dolores’s)

But you still read it as James’s [ˈdʒeɪmzɪz] or Dolores’s [dəˈlɔːrɪsɪz].

Let’s practice it now:

When you’re done practicing, I have a question for you. We make a lot of our decisions after getting advice from our friends and family. Have you ever done something unusual for you after hearing your friend’s ideas? Leave a comment for us to know and enjoy Autumn, as well as your weekend! 🙂

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