Time expressions

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Today let’s take a look at some time expressions and when we use them.

AgoPast Simple
Since, for, yetPresent Perfect
ByFuture Perfect
WhilePast Continuous

How about we clarify them with some examples?

For example, we use ago when we talk about the past, however, we need to state how long ago something had happened.

Best friends.
I met my best friend 10 years ago.

If we look at the example above, we can change it to:
I’ve known her for ages.

I can also say that I’ve known her since I was 15 (Which was 10 years ago)

Yet, which means up to now is mostly used in negative sentences.
If you asked me whether I saw my best friend today, I could say:
No, I haven’t seen her yet.

By is used to say that something will be done before a specific time in the future.
So if I don’t meet with my best friend today, I will have met her by the end of the week.

We use while to say that something happened during the time we were doing something something else.

People talking.
While I was talking to my best friend, a girl came up to us and asked us for the time.

Let’s try using these in a few simple exercises.

By the end of this month, I will have been to Germany. What about you?
Leave a comment and share what you will have done by the end of the month.
And I’ll see you next Saturday! 🙂

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