Your, You’re or Yours?

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Here’s a quick look at a quite common writing mistake.

We use your and yours when we talk about things that belong to us.

Your is followed by the thing we are talking about

For example, if I dropped my phone and you wanted to give it back, you’d say: You dropped your phone.

When we don’t use a noun after your, we switch it to yours so I could ask you:

Excuse me, is this phone yours?

My phone is in my pocket and you left yours on the table.

A phoneAs for you’re, it’s really simple. It’s just a short form of you are which we can use in different contexts.

Come see us when you’re in Monte Carlo. (Being somewhere)

You’re stupid if you still trust her. (Describing people)

You’re lying to me and I don’t like when people lie to me. (Present Continuous for what’s happening now)

Let’s practice using these pronouns.

I hope this can help you solve your problem 🙂

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