Useful Links

I’ll post some pages you should visit to help you with your English here.
I may update this page from time to time.

For students:

Cambridge English Write & Improve – This service allows you to get instant feedback for your writing, useful for those who are preparing for the IELTS test or the Cambridge exams.

Chasing Time English – This is what I would do if I had a bigger budget and camera, as well as good actors! 🙂
Basically, their whole course is centered on a movie which they shot themselves and their movie is well-done, not to mention that it offers a more natural way of studying English.

Kahoot – Kahoot is a modern and more competitive way of doing tests which you can use to practice just about anything.

lyricstraining – Another exciting website which can not only help you memorize the lyrics of your favorite songs, but also give you extra practice for those words that keep popping out of your head. 🙂

YouGlish – This service can help you find real examples of how to pronounce some difficult words.

For Teachers:

Cloze test – Why manually hide some words when creating clozes if there’s a website which can do the work for you? 🙂

Quillionz – This website can help the busy teacher by using AI to come up with questions from any text that you supply to it. A real lifesaver when you’re out of ideas or time!

ESL Resources by Michelle Henry – Though a bit outdated in terms of design, Michelle’s website has lots of lesson plans, activities and articles that you can use when teaching. – This is a godsend for teachers who have difficulties adapting authentic texts for lower-level students. This site will change the more difficult words for you to make your texts easier to understand. It can also show you how to explain what a word means and create matching activities for you to use in your classroom.

The Core Inventory for General English – If you’re creating your own course and you’re not sure what to focus on for different levels of proficiency, the core inventory will help you figure out what’s important for your students at their CEFR level.

Word shuffler – A useful tool for making sentence ordering activities.