Englishes or the mistakes we make

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– How much watch?
– Six watch!
– Such much?
– To whom how.
– MGIMO finish?
– Ask!

Today I wanted to look at some of the common mistakes people from my country make in English.

Let’s start with something funny:

1) I feel myself tired.

I understand where this comes from since English is not my first language, but when you tell people that you feel yourself, they may take it the wrong way.

Feeling yourself

So the next time you want to say how you feel, say something like I feel tired instead.

2) How do you call it?

I heard this one from a lot of my students and my university teachers also asked me this question, but the right way to ask when you don’t know some word in English would be What do you call it?

Or, if you really want to use How: How do you say “something” in English?

3) There’s a bar near to my house.

This comes from the fact that near is often translated to my language as Рядом с, and the с is translated as to. But the right way to say this is: There’s a bar near my house.

4) I have everything what I need.

This is another example of translating from Russian, where what means что. You can say I have everything that I need but we usually don’t use that and say I have everything I need.

5) I don’t know nobody here.

Unlike Russian, English doesn’t use two negatives when you express a negative idea. (It’s like in math, where and give you +)

I would say I don’t know anybody here. You can also use I know nobody here.

6) Hometask

This is a direct translation of our Домашнее задание, but when your teacher gives you something to do at home, the right way to call it is homework.

I’d like you to fix the mistakes down below to avoid them in the future. 🙂

Which mistakes have you made in the past and how did you fix them?
Let us know in the comments section and see you next week! 🙂

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