Could It Be You Who Drew My Eyes?

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Today I wanted to share an activity I’ve done with my teens to practice could and the Past Simple tense.
You can use it as a warm-up activity for your lessons devoted to art or as a final activity.

Thank you to Margosha for the idea! 🙂

You will need as many A4 papers as you’ve got students in your class, a timer (You can use your phone) and something to stick the portraits to the board. If there is an odd number of students, you can join one of the groups.

Let’s get started:

1) Put the A4 papers on the table for each student.

2) Divide the class into 2 groups (I’ve divided them to Girls and Boys)

3) Have one of the groups stand up and give them pencils.

4) Tell your students that they have to draw parts of the face of the student sitting below them and start a 1 minute timer.

5) Once a minute is over, have the students drawing move to the next student’s portrait and continue where the other artist left from. When each artist has drawn on every student’s portrait, tell your artists to sit down and have the second group do the same activity.

6) Once the artists have finished their drawings, collect them, put them on the board and have them speculate in groups, which parts of their faces were drawn by which student. If you need to, model the question: “Could it be you who drew my nose?”.

7) Give each group 1 point for each correct guess, check which group had the most correct guesses and don’t forget to have fun. 🙂

Have a look at some of the portraits my students have drawn:

And, in case you’ve tried this activity with your students, leave a comment here and show us their creative side too! 😉

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