Time and time again

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Today let’s take a look at some words we use together with time and what they mean.

1) Waste time

Spending time doing something means that you’re doing it for some time. On the other hand, when you waste time this means that you’re spending time badly. When you say that something is a waste of time, you mean that what someone’s doing is useless and that they shouldn’t do this.

Woman fixing something.

Don’t waste your time trying to fix what you broke!

2) It’s about time

Contrary to what you’re thinking, we don’t use this phrase to say what we’re talking about. The meaning of it’s about time is Finally. If you’re waiting for a friend to show up and he comes one hour later, you can start your conversation by saying: It’s about time you showed up!

3) To make time for

When you’re very busy but somebody wants to see and talk to you, you can tell them that you will try to make time for them. As we get older, we also have less free time and we have to learn to make time for our hobbies and the things we care about. Here’s a tip from the co-founder of the Blue Man Group:

4) Kill time

Woman listening to music.

Kill time is similar to spend time. The difference is where we use it. When you kill time, this means that you are doing something to spend the time you have before you do something you’ve planned. For example, when I’m on a train or a bus, I listen to music to kill time.

5) Take your time

One of my favorite phrases, this phrase means don’t hurry. I don’t rush people and I understand that my students may need time to think before they can say something and I tell them to take their time. 🙂

6) Hard time

Hard time has different meanings:

1. Having a hard time means something is difficult for us to do:

I’m having a hard time doing homework. Can you help me with this exercise?

2. Hard time can be a difficult period in our lives.

Since he was admitted to the hospital, Summer’s been a hard time for Jacob.

Let’s see if you can handle using time by doing a quick exercise:

It seems as though I’ve run out of time.
I’d love it if you could share what you do to kill time.

Leave a comment for us to know and see you next Saturday! 🙂

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