Do you need a British accent?

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I hear a lot of students complaining that it’s hard for them to understand people who talk with a British accent. It’s no secret that even people from the UK find it hard to understand each other sometimes.

Was it easy to understand the men in the video? It wasn’t for me 🙂
But some of the words they’ve used can be helpful when we talk to people, like:

Right. – OK. We use it to show that we’re listening to someone.
Look, I appreciate your position, but…
– I understand you, but…
I suppose. – Yes, I agree.
I trust you’ve… – I hope you’ve… I use it when I expect something to be true.
Where on earth did you get these? – We say on earth to emphasize that there’s no obvious answer to our question. We can also use it in questions that start with how, what, who and why.

Let’s see if we can use these by doing a few short exercises:

When I was in the UK, I’ve met a 10 year old boy who spoke in a similar way to the old man in the video, I was very disappointed that I couldn’t understand what he was saying, it felt like all these years studying English were for nothing, but that’s not how everybody talks so don’t be scared if you meet someone like that. What about you? Have you ever heard someone talk with an accent that you couldn’t understand? How did you communicate with that person? Let us know in the comments section and see you next week! 🙂

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