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Today, let’s take a quick look at 2 suffixes: -less and -ful.

We use both suffixes to turn nouns into adjectives and talk about a quality. The difference is that when you use -less, you want to say that something or someone is without this quality and when you use -ful you mean it’s full of this quality.

Homeless guyHe’s homeless – he doesn’t have a home.

Beautiful girl.She’s beautiful – she looks very good.

Some nouns can have both suffixes, while others can use only one or none of them.

Let’s look at some examples:

Noun -less -ful
Beauty   Beautiful
Care Careless Careful
Cheer Cheerless Cheerful
Doubt Doubtless Doubtful
Help Helpless Helpful
Penny Penniless  
Rest Restless Restful
Thought Thoughtless Thoughtful

Let’s look at these and a few other examples in practice:

I hope this was helpful to you and I’d like to ask you:
When you’re feeling down, what can quickly make you cheerful again?

Let us know in the comments section and see you next Saturday! 🙂

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