Shall we look at shall?

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Today let’s take a look at the word shall.

This is something that people used to say instead of will, but now, you’re most likely to hear it when someone makes an offer, makes or asks for a suggestion and when someone asks you for advice.

Let’s take a look at each use of it:

1) Making an offer

If you want to offer someone to dance with you, just start your question with shall:
Shall we dance?

And let’s hope that the person will accept your offer. 🙂

2) Making a suggestion

Let’s imagine you’ve asked your friends: Shall we invite her to the party?
In this case what you’re doing is suggesting that this person should be a part of the event.

3) Asking for a suggestion or advice

If you pair shall with a wh- question, you can ask someone to suggest something for you or give you advice, for example:
What shall we do tomorrow?
Where shall we go tomorrow?

Let’s see how we can practice this in context:

I’ve got a question for my little champions:
what shall you do at the weekend? 🙂

Let us know in the comments section and make sure you have a great time! 😉

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