The That Place

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Let’s look at some things that we write with The.

  • Rivers, Seas, Oceans and deserts

The Danube, The Black Sea,The Southern Ocean, The Gobi Desert

  • Countries with a governmental form (Republic, Kingdom, Federation) or unity.

The United States of America, The United Kingdom, The Czech Republic, The United Emirates

  • Countries with land or Island in them in the plural form.

The Netherlands,The Falkland Islands, The Comoro Islands

  • Big areas of the world.

The Middle East, the West, The New World

  • Most building names.

The Hilton Hotel, The Taj Mahal, The Statue of Liberty, The Louvre

  • Islands that start with Isle of.

The Isle of Man, The Isle of Wight, The Isle of Portland

Shall we try them in practice, look at some special cases and see where we don’t need the? 🙂

My country used to be called The Ukraine until it became independent and dropped the “The” from its name. It’s interesting that The Netherlands has no official answer how to write their country’s name. Can you think of any interesting examples of where we use or don’t use the. Let us know in the comments section. 🙂

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