What time is it?

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This weekend I’ve fallen ill so I couldn’t add anything to the blog.

Let’s fix that and look at something simple: the time.

  • The first half of an hour (30 minutes) is always used with past.
  • The next 30 minutes is used with to.
  • 15 minutes are called a quarter.

When it’s 12:00 we say 12 o’clock or 12 AM or PM if it’s at night or in the afternoon.

And we need say half past 12 when it’s 12:30, but 29 (minutes) to 1 when it’s 12:31.

How to tell the timeLet’s test how easy this is by playing a memory game! 😉

When you’re done, leave a comment and tell us what time it is now in your country.

That’s all for this week. Take care of yourselves, it’s cold outside! 🙂

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