Win, earn, gain or obtain?

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Today, let’s look at 4 words with the same basic meaning (get) but different use:

1. To win means to get a prize for taking part in something or to get the best result.


I won a game of poker on my phone and got some virtual money.

2. To earn means to get something in return for your work. It’s usually something you deserve like money.

My poor GIMP skills

I earn money by teaching English.

3. Gain and obtain both mean to get something useful, but gain can also mean increase (weight, speed, height)

A box of chocolates

I ate chocolate all day yesterday and I gained 2 kilos as a result.

And you use obtain when you got something by asking or working for it, buying it or creating it from something else.

A woman camping

She obtained a map of the jungle from the salesman.

How about you obtain a score by completing the exercises below?

I hope you will gain and obtain more with each day of your lives! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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